Reviews for the master thesis: an example

04 Apr

Being a student is not easy. It’s probably all people know. Many tests, exams, various works: classes, calculations, graphics … However, the most important and necessary student’s work is a diploma thesis. In this article I would like to talk about the details of my master’s thesis, how to review: when, how and by whom it should be compiled.

Basic documents

When the student’s main academic work has already been written, it must be supported by a specific set of documents. Among them must be two important elements:

  • review;
  • review of the master’s thesis.

So how are they different? If we talk about the structure, the rating and review will be almost the same (of course there are small nuances, but the essence will be approximately the same). What is the difference? Who should I do these documents with. If the review is written by the superior, that is, by the faculty employee who helped the student throughout the process of writing the scientific work, then the review is written by an independent specialist – a connoisseur of the subject studied by the student. Everything else will be very similar: the structure and points to which attention will be given in these documents. The essence of these documents is the same: show how the student coped with the topic. However, if the student was asked to withdraw the organization from work, it is necessary to clarify: maybe it meant that the organization needed a review, not a review? It is possible if the document is prepared in the place where the student undergoes a postgraduate internship and practices his empirical section in practice. Once again, I want to remind you: the review should be written by the student’s tutor who helped him write the diploma thesis. The company manager can write a review.

About standards

So, how do you write a review of a graduate? The sample is a great helper in this matter. But where is he? So let’s say that there is not one template, GOST. It is best to take an example of writing this document in the section in which the student will defend himself. This is the only way to avoid serious errors in its compilation (after all, the department may put forward some evaluation requirements that will only be relevant to this educational unit).

About the main

How are the reviews of the master’s thesis? An example of writing can be obtained from department employees (most likely from a methodologist), who must provide all the interesting information. Although, in principle, a review is a document that is compiled in any form. However, some very important nuances should be taken into account:

the size of the review may vary in the range of 1-2 A4 pages;

in essence, it is an assessment of the student’s work, indicating both positive and negative aspects of the work;

The review must contain some formal moments: the so-called “limit” indicating the full name of the student, the subject of his master’s thesis, etc. Everything must be sealed and signed below.


It is also important to say how to correctly get an opinion about a student’s thesis. So, the main requirement today: this document should be printed, handwritten is not accepted. You must also maintain the volume (as already mentioned, at least 1 page and no more than two). When creating a document, you can use a bold font to indicate the important nuances you want to pay attention to. Some points can be distinguished in italics. A special text selection is not recommended. It must be signed by the superior. There should also be a wet seal.

About content

This document should contain the following information:

The text of the review must necessarily contain a short application regarding the student’s work as a whole (if it meets the requirements).

Assessing the relevance of the selected topic (as long as it complies with the requirements of modernity).

Separately, the section responsible for the empirical part of the work should be assessed.

The text of the review itself should end with a short and concise completion of the supervisor’s work on the work done by the student.

Generally speaking, when writing a review, the diploma dissertation should consist of a short assessment of the work done by the student during the examination of his subject. In this case, the supervisor should pay attention to all its parts.

Official moments

How to distinguish opinions about the master’s thesis? An example of such a document is presented in the picture below, but it must contain the following important points:

The name of the author, or student.

The subject of the diploma on which the student worked.

At the very end of the document, please put a signature of the person who wrote the review (guardian). You should also indicate its academic degree. Everything is sealed by the department or department. Only when all these conditions are met is the review of the reviewer considered an official document.

A sample

So you need to review the graduate’s review? The sample is a great helper. As mentioned above, in principle its shape can be arbitrary. However, it is still better to stick to certain points. So it may look something like this.

The official part:

  • Name and surname of the student.
  • Title of the diploma thesis

Main text:

short information about the structure of work (how much it consists of, how much the structure meets the requirements);

A few words about the introduction – the most important part in which to write the subject, the subject, the purpose of writing a scientific paper, the significance of the matter under consideration, etc.

a summary of what is the subject of the first and second chapter;

The supervisor should pay special attention to the features of the empirical section, in which the research carried out by the student in relation to the subject under examination should be described;

further general conclusions regarding scientific work;

a separate subject should be emphasized by the strengths of the student work in which he was particularly good;

you should also pay attention to the weaknesses of the work, for which the student did not work enough;

the supervisor should also indicate whether the various sources have been sufficiently used in relation to this topic;

at the end, the manager draws the main conclusion: how much work meets the requirements, whether it can be released for defense, what rating it deserves at the time of writing.

Special nuances

What else can reflect the thesis reviews? An example is the optional functions listed below that make this document more “live” and personalized. In this way, the supervisor can assess the student’s independence while studying selected topics. Here you can indicate the consistency of the presentation of the material, its proper processing and presentation. The general ability to read and write a student can also be assessed: how much work sustains the scientific style, how accurate and competent is the presentation of the material. At the same time, the teacher can make a few wishes for the student in this document, you can, if necessary, make recommendations.

Now you know how graduate work reviews are created. The example of the project was discussed in detail in an article whose materials, in case of difficulties, can always be found.

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