Review of the thesis: there are no trifle

13 Mar

And so the university studies are coming to an end. Almost completed lessons of a relatively light student, all sessions, state exams were passed. The time has come to defend our main scientific work. In many ways, how the review of the diploma thesis will be competently written will depend on how positively the committee accepts it. We suggest understanding how to properly prepare and prepare this document.

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We will not hide – often employees of the department may instruct students to write their own thesis review. Perhaps we will not understand the extent to which it is lawful – this is by no means the subject of this article – but let us try to say what should be put into practice in this document. First of all, let’s define its purpose. The review of the thesis is an assessment of an independent expert, which reflects the extent to which the student mastered the declared subject and how valuable his work is. In other words, identification and justification of weak and strong points. An important rule is not to use generic phrases. The text should be clear, concise and expressed in the opinion – justified.


The review of the diploma thesis header must contain the following mandatory blocks:

confirmation or rejection of the relevance of the subject presented to the defense;

characterization of writing style, compliance of work with current standards required for content, assessment of reading and writing skills;

a brief analysis of each section of the diploma and its evaluation;

emphasizing unusual solutions and techniques, examples of student’s creative thinking, his erudition;

evaluation of the practical importance of scientific work;

no diploma thesis;

and, finally, recommended, based on the above, assessments.


At each university there may be individual standards governing the project. If this is not the case, a review of the master’s thesis will be prepared based on general principles. We exchange them:

The volume of the document is not regulated and is determined by common sense and usually ranges from 1 to 1.5 pages. Do not try to be huge, but do not forget that the main idea should be revealed;

in the header the list of basic information is obligatory: title of the subject, faculty, faculty, group, specialty, full name and surname of the student, group number;

the document should mention the company on the basis of which the qualifying work was written;

the exact structure of the text is necessary (approximate structure is described in the previous paragraph);

review of the diploma thesis implies the application in the form of an assessment which it deserves in accordance with the 4-point system: perfect, good, satisfactory, unsatisfactory.

Despite the fact that the current content and design of this document do not impose such strict requirements as before, if you want to be sure of a positive result, consider all possible aspects and successful protection for you!

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